What is flight API?

Getting a flight ticket has never been easier than it is now, thanks to online booking. Quintus tech provides a plug-and-play solution with thousands of flights to choose from when booking bus tickets, making trips extremely convenient for travellers.

We take the initiative to provide the lowest flight and the best service so that everyone can enjoy a hassle-free journey with the help of Quintus' tech partner. Offer the highest commissions to our partners, which adds significant earnings.

Connect with Quintus Tech Flight ticket booking API and start offering convenient flight ticket booking solutions to your network right away!

What we Offer

• Safe, convenient & fast flight ticket booking from anywhere in India

• Instant payment & ticket confirmation

• Check real-time seat availability

• A variety of flights to choose from

Why Choose us


Quintus tech has put together several solutions to create a platform that offers significant advantages to start-ups and the entrepreneurs behind them, as well as MEMs, NBFCs, and more. Some key benefits are:

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