What is insurance API?

Insurance coverage help consumers develop a habit of saving. They set aside a portion of their income to pay premiums that will serve as protection against unforeseeable future circumstances.

There are numerous types of insurance APIs, including Life Insurance, health, child, term, and specialized diseases. Quintus tech has worked with a number of insurance providers for term, life, health, travel, and vehicle insurance so that your customers can obtain all types of insurance at the most competitive costs and simplest processes across India.

Connect with Quintus Tech insurance API to enable easy, quick insurance applications for your network.

What we Offer

• Easy to follow application procedure for insurance

• Provider confirms approval in under 48 hours

• Minimal effort for partner’s

• Aggressive commission on each authorization

Why Choose us


Quintus tech has put together several solutions to create a platform that offers significant advantages to start-ups and the entrepreneurs behind them, as well as MEMs, NBFCs, and more. Some key benefits are:

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