What is pl lead generation API?

Occasionally, borrowing money is required to finance a business enterprise, a dream, or even a simple desire. This is precisely what personal loans accomplish, and you can facilitate the same.

Through this API, generate leads for personal loan applications at your merchant’s outlets. You only need to share the applicant's basic information; our provider will conduct their due diligence and then get in touch with the application.

Connect with Quintus Tech lead generation API for personal loans to enable easy, quick loan applications for your network.

What we Offer

• Easy to follow application procedure for personal loans

• Provider confirms approval in under 48 hours

• Minimal effort for partner’s merchants

• Aggressive commission on each authorization

Why Choose us


Quintus tech has put together several solutions to create a platform that offers significant advantages to start-ups and the entrepreneurs behind them, as well as MEMs, NBFCs, and more. Some key benefits are:

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